Struggling a hundred years Road to set sailing journey · Chinese Communist Party’s spiritual spectrum 丨 red flag does not fall fire – Dabie Mountain spirit

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Struggling a hundred years Road to set sailing journey · Chinese Communist Party’s spiritual spectrum 丨 red flag does not fall fire – Dabie Mountain spirit

  Xinhua News Agency, November 3, Supreme: Red Flag does not fall fire stretch – Dabie Mountain spirit Review Xinhua News Agency Sun Nan 巍巍 大 别 山, 延 延 于 皖 皖 皖 省 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 地区 省 地区 山 地区 地区 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 地区 交 交 交 山 山

  The hero big mountain, 28 years of red flags do not fall, have given a famous Eu Yu revolutionary base, two parts participating in the long prototypes originated here.

  One-inch mountain river one inch blood, a hot earth. Dabie Mountain is China, is a geographic coordinates, which is a spiritual force. It is encouraged a generation of people to continue to work hard, and become the unity of the Chinese Communist Party to lead the people of all ethnic groups to national rejuvenation.

  This is the "Red Flag" theme sculpture on the hero mountain near the revolutionary museum of the Eu Yu, Susu District (April 9, drone photos). Xinhua News Agency has stated that the 28th red flag does not fall. On November 13, 1927, the juman uprising broke out, and the first shot of the Armed Resistance of the Nationalist Party against the Nationalist Party in the Eu Yu District. Since then, the Eu Yu revolution center is gradually formed by the EU and Yuantian Revolution Center. At the beginning of 1928, Cheng Confucius was arrested.

In the snowy day of drip into ice, the enemy will nake him on the tree, force the list of Communists and the red team.

Cheng Confucius is not yetful, but it is still dismissed that the enemy is finally sacrificed after being asked for up to him. In the history of the entire big Mountain revolution, the integrity of the inquiry of the like is not afraid of sacrifice is not an example. Under the extremely difficult struggle, facing all kinds of miserable torture and powerful lure, what is they so fear? "Before the head is only when the wind is blowing the hat, the heat of the blood, the Communist Party is turned over, the Communist Party is good," the Communist Party is good, "for the revolutionary bleeding is worth" … "The martyrs sacrificed the strong poetry, and the sound of the sound The sound shouted and broke the answer. Tough spirit, strong beliefs, inspire the Communist Party of Dabie Mountains, becoming the most powerful weapons and strength they have troops. The fire of ideals and beliefs will never go out.

  Since 1921, the Communist Party of China has been born. In 1927, the Communist Party of China independently leads the armed struggle. By the 1949 Liberation War victory, the people of the Dabie Mountain area have created 28 years of red flags and 22-year revolutionary armed struggle. Nearly millions of people offer precious life.

  "Even if only one person left, I have to stick to the end, I will never let the Red Flag of the Dabie Mountain Revolution in our hands!" Since 1928, I have long-term adhered to the "Son of the Son of the Son" in the Dabie Mountain in the Dabie Mountain, which once encouraged comrades. . The brave pioneer, the sophistication of the "four red army troops participating in the Long March, there is no earliest arrival, and realize the number of people in the long prototype, and successfully created the team in the revolutionary basis.

This is the "Northern Pioneer" red twenty-five army rebuilt in the Dabie Mountain area.

  This is Wu Huan Xian (information photo).

Xinhua News Agency is coming to me! "Wu Huan, a member of the Red 25th Military and Political Governors, leaded to the team’s charge, and smashed the Kuomintang army, in the strategy, holding the enemy power, and strongly cooperates with the central Red Army main force. .

Mao Zedong praised, the Red 25th Army "has a big work for the Chinese revolution."

  Wu Huan, this scream is still sounded.

The Red 25th Army is brave vignetting, the spirit of the whole situation and the great element, invested in the blood of the Communist Party members and the people of the people.

  In August 1947, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping led the main force of the Jinyu Luoyan War forces, and jumped into the big mountains. In the face of the Kuomintang army mobilization the main rebate, the hierarchy of the enemy has increased to about 200,000 people’s extremely hard struggle. Deng Xiaoping’s motivation forces: We have a lot of people in the big mountains, and other troops and regions can annihilate the enemy and in-depth work. This is extremely advantageous for the whole game. We will weaken and then hold hard.

  Blood is reddish, the Gugou Lingling, Dabie Mountain, is reddish in the Central Plains! Liu Deng, the strategy of Dabie Mountain, is like a nail to wedged into the Kuomintang’s strategy, realizing the great historical transition of the Liberation War by strategic defense into strategic attack.

  Before the critical moment, the moment of tissue needs is willing to sacrifice, and the overall situation is the distinctive expression of the spirit of the big mountain. Unity and one heart, Puren is the true color of the people in the revolutionary museum of the capital of the Eu Yu Zone, there is a brick wall.

The walls have copied "China (China) Soviet, the first national representative conference, the land decree (draft)". This is the revolutionary museum of the capital of the Eu Yu Zi Zi District (photographing October 10, 2016).

In 1931, Xinhua News Agency, the first national representative conference of China Soviet, the meeting passed the land law.

At the beginning of 1932, the land law passed to the RFR according to the Eu Yu, and the President of the local Soviet requests the secretary to copy the full text and conduct extensive publicity.

  This wall, carrying countless farmers’ expectations of land owners, witnessing the invincible of the Communists to seek happiness for the people.

  Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, guarding the river, keeping the people’s heart. From the Red Army’s public landmark to "Wait Notice", from "Do not take the masses and one line" to "damage things to pay" "Do not hit people" … The party and the army always adhere to the masses, serve the people wholeheartedly, and people The masses have become a general friendship of fish and water, winning the heartfelt support of the people. "There is a vine on the mountain, the rattang of the tree is wrapped. The Red Army is better than the mountain. The poor is better than the tree. The vine is coming to hanging, the Red Army is a help.

"The red song that has been singing in this big mountain region has become a vivid portrayal of the Chinese Communist Party and its leadership and the people’s heart. The people of the people have to be the world. The General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the Jiangui District can not fall, the new four army can be The Jianghuai earth is fighting for the enemy. Liu Dengdao leaps into the big hill to stand the foot, take the next root, the Huaihai campaign is like a broken bamboo, the million male teacher can calmly swallow the tiger, the root cause is that our party is a heart, military and civilian unity one person.

  This is a rural scenery (drone photo) taken in Guojiahe Township, Xin County, April 9.

Xinhua News Agency, "August osmanta is opened, the bright red banner is vertical, the light is finished again, the light is finished, the brilliant flashes, the new world …" More than 90 years ago, the red song "August "It is depicted that the folks celebrate the birthplace of the Soviet regime, expressing their joy of being a master, and showed the future of the big mountain. This is the Qiliping Town, Hong’an County, Hubei Province (Photograph of Drum-moving August 2019).

Since the establishment of New China

  In August 2018, there were a sequence of poverty-stricken counties in Xinji County, the capital of the capital of the Eu Yu Ziyu District, and in April 2020, in April 2020. Poor hat. Villagers in Daxie Village, Jinchai County, Anhui Province, taking tea in the poverty alleviation base of Tea Industry (Photograph on April 17, 2020).

Xinhua News Agency is now, on the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, the spirit of the big mountain is strong. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "We have to continue along the footprints of the revolutionary predecessors, and send the red Jiangshan World generation." The red flag does not fall, the fire is stretched.

The Spirit of the Dabie Mountain will continue to inspire the Chinese Communists to struggle for the revolutionary martyrs, and struggle for the great cause of sacrifice.