The world’s endangered species Great Bustard migration in Shijiazhuang City, was seriously injured wildlife rescue station launched emergency relief

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The world’s endangered species Great Bustard migration in Shijiazhuang City, was seriously injured wildlife rescue station launched emergency relief

Great Bustard injuries require observation and treatment. (Reporter Yu Nankai photo) Great Bustard protection of animals at the national level. Now is the season for migratory birds, November 12, Shijiazhuang City, wildlife rescue station receives two world endangered species, animal protection Great Bustard national level.

Great Bustard two were injured, one because of his injuries, in addition to a first aid station after treatment is currently being nursed back in.

  November 12, Shijiazhuang City Promise County Solid Township Wang Hao Chen Yan village standings onward connection to wildlife rescue station in Shijiazhuang City. Mr Chan said the list he found in the fields of a wounded bird, have been rescued to go home, you need professional treatment.

After receiving the message, the ambulance station chief Meng Gao Qiong and ambulance rushed to the scene. The injured bird to see, Gao Qiong some surprise, it turned out to be a Great Bustard.

All in all, the Great Bustard is listed on CITES Appendix Ⅱ endangered species, "the Washington Convention", is a national level to protect animals.

It is of hardy, alert, very difficult to close, good running, do not tweet, non-migratory flying height is not more than 200 meters.

Great Bustard food is very complex, mainly plant leaves, buds, grass, seeds, and insects, frogs for food, but also to eliminate weevil, rape Jinhua insects, locusts and other agricultural pests, sometimes in farmland feeding the grain and the like scattered on the ground.

  After examination, wings and below the wing tip of the Great Bustard’s injury, to see someone close, it began to be called up. According to Chen Yan standings introduced around 20:00 the day before, he passed a wheat field edge of the village, discovered this bird can not fly in the wheat fields of the trench, so it recaptured home.

After returning home he used to identify cell phone, looking like the Great Bustard protection of animals at the national level, unable to confirm his local police station to get in touch quickly and, after was removed in touch Shijiazhuang wildlife rescue station.

  Subsequently, the injured Great Bustard was brought back for treatment.

After examination, the Great Bustard kg of body weight, body lean, the ambulance as it prepares nutritious meals for artificial feeding. After Meng veterinary inspection, the roots of the wings of the Great Bustard, wing tip and mouth injuries, should be injured.

Great Bustard wings bones intact, after wound debridement anti-inflammatory, requires further observation and treatment. At the time of the Great Bustard for treatment, Gao Qiong contacted Professor Guo Yumin Beijing Forestry University, Professor Guo very concerned about the Great Bustard assistance, an expanding treatment through telephone remote command veterinarian, and ambulance stations and the treatment process is only with the Great Bustard detailed records.

  On the same day, Zhengding County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Lin Cheng Liang Yan and Wang Guiying Zhanfuzhanchang will also be a wounded sent to the city of the Great Bustard wildlife rescue station.

According to Liang Yan introduction, this is the Great Bustard Zhengding County, a villager found and notify the forestry administration’s rescue station, after the Great Bustard knocked jarring injury, fractures of both legs, has been dying when sent. Very unfortunately, when it is proper veterinary examination, but the Great Bustard died of severe wounds. According to Gao Qiong, and now is the migratory season, these two great bustard protection of animals at the national level was injured when the way is Shijiazhuang rescue. Currently, ambulance station is sent to the Great Bustard Promise careful treatment. (Reporter Nankai Yu).