The latest approach to the organization department of the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee!

2022-05-04 0 Comments

The latest approach to the organization department of the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee!

  The evil must be helped, and the turbidity can be clear. A few days ago, the Ministry of Organization of the Ministry of Organization of the Ministry of Organization of the CPC Rizhao City issued the "The Organization Department of the Standard and Distribution" (Trial) "(Trial)" (Trial) "(Trial)" (Trial) "(Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") The cadres reflected in the cadres, the motivation of cadres as acting as a business.

  Since this year, the Organization Department of the Rizhao Municipal Committee will seriously investigate and deal with the criticism as a key content. According to the relevant requirements of the superior, the "Measures" will be developed on the basis of investigation and research.

"Measures" from the ruins of the ruins, clarify the correct name, guarantee mechanism, and 4 parts, etc., form 19 specific contents of the organizational department to accuse and investigate and deactivate the report to clarify the work. The "Measures" proposed that the main cases of the desperation include the malicious report by frank, fiction, fake materials, etc.; The reporting problem continues to implement malicious reporting; through oral, written, network, media, etc., the malicious propagation cadres are not real information; others belong to the case. Clearly pointed out: The fact that the facts of the facts, harsh, severe interference, selection, cadre selection, evaluation of tree excellence, etc. Opinions, continue to implement the scorpion behavior, seriously interfere with the organization of personnel working order; 6 situations such as the Internet and the new media to spread the disintegration, which should cause a serious public opinion or a serious adverse impact, should be treated or aggravated.

  The "Measures" enhances the normative and operability of the system, clarifies the specific responsibilities of the personnel departments at all levels in the work of clues, investigation verification, accountability, and detail the process of handling and disposal.

Adopt the following way to clarify the correct name and eliminate negative effects: Failure to be informed by the false accusation, the wrongd of the wrong cadre, if necessary, feedback to the superior party organizations in its unit; clear the situation; If the wrong influence is influential, the wrong accident has adversely influenced, in the survey involves the scope of person, through the convening of the results of the survey, clarify the relevant situation; in the network media, it is false, and the wrong mispelling If the cadre has an adverse effect, according to the investigation, the propaganda department will take appropriate way of appropriate manner, and if necessary, it is necessary to report through the network media, and the cadres of the wrong accident will clarify the correct name.

  "Measures" also proposed that the personnel departments at all levels should strengthen information communication with discipline inspection and supervision organs, trials, procurators, public security, audits, letters and visits, strengthen work collaboration, and jointly understand the rupture and clarify the work.