The first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund was approved by Huaxia Fund

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The first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund was approved by Huaxia Fund

[] November 10th, 10 selected corporate officials will be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange ("Beijiao") on November 15 (referred to as "Beijiao").

From the official opening of the North Exchange to formally opened, only more than 2 months, the importance of the Beijiao market is self-evident.

As an important institutional investor, the public fund fund will naturally be absent the feast of this capital market. On November 12th, the first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund, including the Chinese New Year’s Innovation SMEs, were approved, and investors ushered in the new tools that were convenient to participate in the North Exchange. Huaxia North Exchange Innovation SMEs selection two-year open fund is a hybrid fund that focuses on high quality stock investment opportunities in Beijiao, selection of innovative SMEs that meet China’s economic transformation, growth space, share the "special Quality Enterprise Growth Opportunities, Features, Features, and also plans to participate in new three-board new opportunities and strive to thicken.

During the closed period, the proportion of fund stock assets accounted for 60% -100%, which invested in the proportion of stocks in Beijiao, no less than 80% of non-cash fund assets, and the proportion of stock investment in Hong Kong stocks does not exceed stock assets. 20%. The fund proposed fund manager Gu Xinfeng is the first public fund manager who can invest three-board selection, has a wealth of investment experience and mature research framework in the new three-board field. For TMT, new energy vehicle industry chain, biomedicine, emerging consumption, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has continued in-depth research and understanding.

Its master’s degree is graduated from Peking University School. July July 2012, he joined Huaxia Fund. After passing the full cycle of bull market, the Xiong market, he served as the Chinese capital researcher, investment manager, and the administrative person in charge of the administrative department of the new three-board management department, which is good at growing stock investment.

Gu Xinfeng is in the first batch of public fund raised funds that can invest three-board selection – China’s growth selection of 6 months, which is opened since June 12, 2020, has reached%, surpassing the benchmark income%, near year Accumulated net value growth rate is%! Gu Xinfeng said that the establishment of the Beijiao is a milestony event for the Chinese capital market.

The Growth of the North Exchange positioned China’s "special new" enterprise, became an important hub in China’s multi-level capital market. The establishment of the North Exchange will bring a major strategic investment opportunity in a medium and long term.

According to incomplete statistics, Since 2020, A share has increased sales company, more than 270 companies have listed in the Beijiao, accounting for nearly 30% of the number of new listing companies; this is fully illustrated, new The three boards are able to give birth to a high quality growth company.

  The current selection of corporate values ??is significantly lower than that of Kobooks and GEM. WIND data shows that as of October 31, the number of selected layers below 30 times or less, the number of selected layers, the selection of layers, KBM, and the P / E ratio (TTM) of the GEM company, 21, 46 and 37 times, this shows that the Beijiao company is currently a value depression.

Gu Xinfeng emphasized that the texture, liquidity, information transparency, and research resources of the Beijiao company will be stronger than the new three boards.

In the future, as the liquidity of the North Traffic will be further improved, it is expected to attract more quality companies to list, which will bring a major strategic investment opportunity. At present, the investor is not low in the requirements of the North Exchange stock trading and the realization of funds.

At the same time, compared to the "smaller, earlier, updated" of the Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange, the Beijiao Institute, the requirements for the collection and research capacity, and 30% of the rise decline also make market fluctuations. May be bigger.

Therefore, for ordinary investors, in the case of a risk tolerance, the Bohion-Exchange Theme Public Pursuit Fund may be a relatively better way. The Beijiao Theme Fund provides investors with "one-click buy" North Exchange high-quality enterprise "straight train", which is convenient for investors to be efficient and low-cost sharing new three boards. Huaxia Fund has always been closely followed by the reform of the new board. On June 12, 2020, the new three-board theme fund that can participate in the new three-board selection is launched – the selection of China’s growth. In response to the establishment of the North Exchange, Huaxia Fund has also been prepared to prepare, not only in accordance with the industry’s research, covering the industry researchers, but also arrange special personnel to study the relevant North Exchange policies, closely follow up.

Relying on the strong investigation strength of Huaxia Fund, coupled with the long-term grinding and accumulation of the new three board selection, the selection of China’s Beijiao Institute’s innovation SMEs were desirable to become an investor to grasp the Beijiao office The new "high-quality target investment opportunity.

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