Taiwanese editorial: the last chance to keep Taiwan peace (2)

2022-04-24 0 Comments

Taiwanese editorial: the last chance to keep Taiwan peace (2)

If the cross-strait relationship becomes a simple military issue, the Chinese nation will be 100% misfortune.

If the US support has not been mentioned in Taiwan, the Cai’s authorities have never been selected in addition to the strategy of Huafu, in addition to the strategies of Huafu.

But the Taiwan people can really accept their own homes to armed for front line fortress?Can Taiwan’s young people really prepare for all the people?Fortunately, the situation is not serious to the ground, which urgently creates how the two sides of peace is the space, while improving the United States to drag the mainland in Taihai military, sacrifice Taiwan.The Taiwan Union announced the list of stubborn molecules, including Su Shichang, tour of Xi, Wu Hao, to understand the suffering of the vast majority of Taiwanese and a very small number of parts.

I hope that all parties must keep the last opportunity for Taihai peace in the people’s happiness.