The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a "One Certificate" service: you can check the number of phone cards under the username

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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a "One Certificate" service: you can check the number of phone cards under the username

People’s Network Beijing September 14 (Zhao Chao) According to the "Industrial Information" news, the National Mobile Phone Card "One Condition Condition" service is officially launched today.

Through this service, users can check the number of phone cards under the personal name, if there is any objection to the query phone card situation, and can also be processed accordingly by querying the details of the corresponding telecom enterprise. According to reports, the national mobile phone card "a certificate check" is directed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Turnover Institute, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom’s public welfare query service, can provide users with the number of calling cards.

It is understood that my country’s telephone user real name is fully implemented in 2013. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the real-name registration of telecommunications enterprises has gradually standardized, and the identity and technical ability continue to increase. However, in the near future, in combating the management of telecommunications network fraud, some calling cards involved in the case of fraudulently use the mobile phone cards of the identity information of others. The user does not know, may have a negative impact on the user’s personal credit. At the same time, due to the lack of unified query channels, users don’t know how to write down on their names, it is difficult to discover their own interests, which is not conducive to relevant departments to prevent the management of telecommunications network fraud.

The opening of the "One Certificate" service broke 93 provincial-level basic telecommunications companies and 39 mobile communication reselves related data, and realized a unified and convenient inquiry of national mobile phone cards, fundamentally broken The problem of mobile phone card inquiry, avoiding the risk of unin-information cards, protecting their own interests, protecting personal credits, providing an effective way, will help crack down on telecommunications network fraud.

What are the inquiry methods "One Condition Conduct" service support line, the next two reservation inquiry channels: online channel: users can pass the "Industrial and Information" and "Industry and Information Science Defense Expert" WeChat public account Business online business hall, China Information Communications Research Institute official website, Alipay "a certificate check" small program is submitted to the appointment query application. Within 48 hours, the service platform will inform the user name under the number of phone cards and its operation enterprises through the "10699000" dedicated SMS port. Offline channels: Users can use the second generation ID card to submit an appointment inquiry application. When the user is inquiry 1. In order to successfully use the service, the user needs to provide the person’s ID number, and any mobile number and other mobile phone numbers registered under the ID card.

If the query is unsuccessful, please check the information and re-query after 24 hours. 2. If you encounter problems during the query, users can resolve the use guide provided by the query page. If the problem still does not solve, you can call any customer service phone to help solve it. 3. In the process of query, be sure to protect the received verification code, do not forward the provision to others. What should I do if there is any objection to the results of the query? When the user passes the number of mobile phone cards under my name, when the person is inconsistent with the personal master, it can be done by following the steps below: 1. Users can call the corresponding telecom customer service phone to consult, understand the company’s objection number Processing mechanism. 2. Each telecom enterprise has opened a green channel. Users can check the next card tomographic information in accordance with the guidance of the company, go to the business hall. 3. Under the authorization, it can be further verified, peel, shut down, or expense on the opposite number.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the next step will continue to optimize system functions, support multiple document type queries, and ensure safe and stable operation of the query system. At the same time, the telecommunications company will also work together to do a good quality query, off-site telephone card sales, customer service consultation and other service guarantee work, ensuring satisfactory service to the masses. (Editor: Zhao Chao, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.