Sandu Shui Autonomous County, "four initiatives" do a good job protection and development of ethnic characteristics villages

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Sandu Shui Autonomous County, "four initiatives" do a good job protection and development of ethnic characteristics villages

WASHINGTON In recent years, Sandu Shui Autonomous County to take initiatives and more realistically characteristic villages minority protection and development work, greatly promote the sustained and healthy development of the county economy, effectively inherit and carry forward the fine traditional culture of ethnic minorities, and constantly enhance national pride, improve the cohesion of all ethnic groups, centripetal force, to further consolidate and develop the equality, unity, mutual assistance, harmonious socialist ethnic relations. Strengthen the organization and leadership. Founded in Sandu Shui Autonomous Minority Work Leading Group and the village protection and development of the Group of Experts ethnic characteristics of the village conservation and development, and actively employ experts domestic anthropology, history, ethnology, development economics, is responsible for the protection of ethnic villages and development consulting and development work demonstration.

Towns (street), counties and villages protection departments will be national characteristics and development work into the agenda, and work with the center of the unit arrangement, with the deployment, with the implementation, protection and development of ethnic village in the county work continues to improve . Good planning and positioning.

The issuance of the implementation of "Sandu Shui Autonomous County ethnic characteristics of three-year action plan to protect the village and Development (2018-2020 years)", forming a large pattern of broad participation in the work of the county, town and village levels and social interaction.

Ethnic villages of traditional houses, cultural heritage, the village gate, bridges, pavilions, ancient ancient pond, trees, protection of intangible cultural heritage places listed protection filing. Towns (street) establish and improve fire-fighting facilities, improve defense mechanisms, effectively protecting the safety of cultural relics village. Ethnic villages in accelerating infrastructure construction and style transformation, highlighting local folk cultural elements. Actively cultivate the national cultural tourism industry, effectively tackling poverty outcomes contributing to the consolidation expand effective connection with rural revitalization.

Securing funding guarantee. To promote the central government special poverty relief funds falling behind in the implementation of small villages in the protection and development of ethnic characteristics, and constantly promote the development of the village of characteristic industry, production and living conditions improve, enhance farmers’ production technology, in 2019 invested 970,000 yuan development fund minority ethnic working expenses 400,000 yuan for the construction characteristics of the village Yao Lu Mao Dazhai village bar minorities, ethnic arena built, ancient village trails, public toilets and so on.

2021 invested 5.3 million yuan for ethnic minority development fund characteristics villages national minorities regardless hang village, stone village construction and protection, village infrastructure and public cultural facilities gradually improved, the masses get a sense of well-being significantly enhanced.

Focus on advocacy guide.

Make full use of traditional ethnic festivals festivals, theatrical performances, sports competition, set up billboards and other forms of in-depth promote the importance of the protection and development of ethnic villages. Continue to deepen the national policy, national laws and regulations, national publicity and education theory, effectively guide people of all nationalities involved in the protection and development of ethnic minority villages working characteristics.

As of now, the county named ethnic characteristics villages won 11 national, provincial 92, the number of ranking first in the state. (Chen US) Source 🙁 Editor: Gulan Yun, Chen Kangqing) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.