Shaoxing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau: Administrative Service Re-upgrade Document Office for "Close"

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Shaoxing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau: Administrative Service Re-upgrade Document Office for "Close"

  In recent years, Shaoxing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has deepened "venting service" reform, implement "up to run" system, create a new business service window of "high quality, convenience, efficiency, standardization" administrative service window, carry out window service "re-upgrade" action, Keep Shaoxing’s 41 window satisfaction rates in Shaoxing City.

  New Government introduced "Why has I have exceeded 30 meters from the recent supermarket, or I still can’t handle a license?" Recently, Ms. Wang, who was handled in the administrative service center, made questions.

  It turned out that Ms. Wang was a decision that the Shaoxing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau was not permitted by the Shaoxing City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau due to the reasonable layout requirements of the new tobacco products retail point. In order to strengthen tobacco monopoly retail license management, optimize the layout of tobacco products in the jurisdiction, the transfer space certificate, the hearing publicity and other procedures, June this year, Shaoxing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau revised the rational layout of Shaoxing Tobacco Products Retail Point. " The operating interval is adjusted. The window reception documents managed to explain the relevant policy changes, the requirements of the site selection, and the results of this investigation. Ms. Wang indicates that it will re-select the application. Shaoxing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau averages more than 50 telephone consultations, document investigators, market management personnel, home service answer, since the implementation of Xinzheng, the total number of applications has 8353 applications.

  Delayed sitting high-efficiency certificate began in August this year, Shaoxing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau implemented the "wrong time" service system, and arranged on duty personnel to carry out normal business in the work on the market.

The average of the certificate staff has increased by 2 to 3 hours a day, 62 certificates permitted outside 8 hours, and 75 consulting services.

  Into the store door Continuation "Zero Run" service is a typical case of Shaoxing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau "I am doing practical things for the masses", mainly for special groups such as the elderly, disabled, laid-off workers and retail households in remote areas. , Implement the door-to-door continuation service.

  The service covers 2134 urban communities, administrative villages and neighborhoods, 6 counties (cities, districts) in Shaoxing.

Since the implementation, 3,741 on-site services (government service network PC, mobile application) have been continued this year, and the tester is allowed to check the application materials, the actual situation, the coverage is 100%, except "one window acceptance", license Send (send) the service is 100%. (Zhang Yizha, Yu Da Ni) (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see the recommended reading.