US media: "New Matai" lost Chinese tourists away from Southeast Asia

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US media: "New Matai" lost Chinese tourists away from Southeast Asia

Original title: US media: "New Matai" lost Chinese tourists stay away from Southeast Asia, the United States, the United States, September 2, Articles, the original: from MH370 missing to Thailand, Chinese tourists do not dare to go to China’s largest online travel booking agencies in Southeast Asia One of the 70% discount on Southeast Asia, but the Chinese do not buy.

  "New Mattai is traditionally a Chinese favorite line", and a public relations manager of Ctrip Travel Network said, "But this year, this line is greatly affected." Political violence and mysterious missing in Maverway flights nearly 6 months ago Scared from Chinese tourists. Territorial disputes with the Territory of the Philippines and Vietnam also harm the intergovernmental relationship.

As a region’s transit hub and Singapore, Singapore, which is situated in the middle of this year, China’s tourists decrease by 30% in the first half of this year. Chinese tourists reduce threats to hire millions of people, and make a significant contribution to Southeast Asia GDP.

Military Mei Lin economists Cai Xuemin said that in the past 10 years, China has been the fastest growing tourism market for ASEAN.

  In this context of the cause of Midfield South China Sea, China went to Philippine.

Never use Temple Extreme Extremely to bomb China Embassy.

  According to Thailand Tourism and Sports Department, Thailand attracted 34,254 Chinese tourists in July, fell by 25% over the same period last year. Since the military seized power on May 22, the number of visitors in Bangkok fell faster.

From January to July, Chinese tourists went to Bangkok to reduce 35%, and China’s tourists in other parts of Thailand reduced 21%.

  Indonesia may be an exception, here, Bali’s beaches and culture are most popular.

In the first half of 2014, the number of Chinese tourists from Indonesia tourism increased by 22%, and the Spring Festival reached the peak. The Indonesian government is promoting tourism in China.

They opened a Chinese website, the purpose is to increase the number of Chinese tourists by 37% by the end of 2014, reaching 1 million. (Author Jin Haixing [Tone], Chen Yizhong) (Source :).