The Party Branch of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Development, promoted the study of party history learning education in the "three three"

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The Party Branch of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Development, promoted the study of party history learning education in the "three three"

Since the launch of party history, since the launch of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Development, closely surrounded the history of history, the history of history, the history of history, the history of the history of history, with the "three three" as the start, early deployment, carefully organized Implementation, promoting the study of party history learning education. As early as planning, implement "three guarantees." First, the organization leaders are guaranteed.

In the first time, I established the Party’s History Studying Education Working Group. The combined department actually established the "Implementation Plan of the Party Branch of the Ministry of Business Development" and "List of the Key Work of the Party Branch of the Ministry of Business Development", which is refined. Arrange, orderly advancement.

Timely convene the party membership meeting for comprehensive mobilization and deployment, education guiding the party members and cadres carrying out a good party history education as an important political task, providing strong organizational security for solid-party history education.

Second, the learning frequency is guaranteed. Develop a special learning program to form a "key minority" lead, all party members have a good situation in advanced.

Since this year, organize the leaders of the leaders of the company to learn more than 10 times. 18, Youth Theory Learning Group learned many times.

The third is that the learning carrier is guaranteed.

Develop a monthly work plan, just use the red resources, strengthen the on-site learning, organize to the Capital Museum, Xishan Non-Hero Memorial Square, Beijing Archives and other red education base to carry out 7 times, watch the red theme movie 3 times, pass through Field sentiment, on-site visit, scenario experience, etc., enrich the learning carrier, broaden the way of learning.

Really learn articles, do "three learning". One is to learn to have a sense.

Branch Secretary, Party members combined with party history learning and personal sentiment, seriously talking about the topic.

Party members of the Branch of the Party Members and study on the party history and talk about learning and feelings.

Since the study of party history, since the development of education, there has been more than 30 people, and more than 20 experiences have been written.

The second is to learn characteristics. On the basis of earnestly completing the regulations, innovation opens "Party Zhou Zhou Xue" online learning, "Party Business Integration Lecture Hall", "Theme Party Day +" and other learning platforms, inviting more than 10 party members of the branch On the platform, talk about the party history; organize the party history knowledge competition and inspect the results of learning. The third is the effect. Transforming the results of party history education into strengthening the construction of brying and promoting development operations.

Seriously convene a special organizational life meeting, exchange learning experience, find deficiencies in the gap, and continue to strengthen the standardization of bry standardization. The branch was appreciated in 2021, the advanced grassroots party organization, and the eighth party team received the opening of the pioneer.

Fully strengthen overall scheduling, excess the total target task of renminbi loans in the first half of the year; formulate more than 10 major regional development strategic work programs and annual points of development of national development, relevant regional strategic loans have exceeded or reached the preface . Due to a real article, make sure "three effects".

First, the implementation of the party committee asked for practical practices. The first time organization held a symposium to support the revolutionary old district, and the research issued the "Opinions on the Development of Revolutionary Old Areas", clearly issued a loan of more than 600 billion yuan to the revolutionary old district, of which 50 billion yuan or more annual goals; research and development Accelerate the guidance of scientific and technological innovation and basic loans, and increase loan delivery; "Support for the Yangtze River Protection and Green Development Work Plan", and fully promote the effectiveness of landing effect, loan is overcharge.

The second is to see the practical results for the branch.

It will study the urgent expectation of the current branch’s business as the key task of the "I am doing practical" practical activities in the branch.

In response to the new tasks of the 10 provinces and regions requested by the relevant departments, go to the relevant branches to carry out on-site research, formulate a package of differentiation policies, fully cooperate with and support relevant branches to complete the target task; in time to conduct in-depth research, issue differentiated pricing policies and Differentiated pricing licensing programs, increasing branch pricing flexibility; go to branch to carry out statistical training, develop construction of manual data management systems, and effectively mitigate branch data reporting burden.

The third is to find practical things for employees.

Whether to solve the concerns of the party members of the Party member as the inspection branch "I have a practical thing to do practical things for the masses". Convene young employee symposium, check the questions in time; create a learning carrier such as "Party Construction Business Integration Lecture Hall", carry out the employee cross-office exchange, and form a cross-sectional research team, measures to enhance the professional ability of cadres and employees and Comprehensive quality. In the next stage, the Party Branch will continue to have to worry, further understand the greatness of thought; continue to work in alive activities, and further promote the focus of the development of operations and development; Further accelerate the implementation of "I do a practical thing for the masses".

(Contributed: National Development Department Party Branch) (Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).